A few years ago I befriended an awesome woman in Vegas who introduced me to the world of additive printing, commonly known as 3D printing. She showed me a ring that she designed herself and printed. I was transfixed with this concept and my love affair with 3D printing began. Being a fanatical lover and collector of unique and interesting jewelry I had to buy one of her pieces from her store, owl posse. Three years later, I also added a 3D printer to my collection of curiosities.

Simple 1405

The printer that I purchased was a kit, where nothing was assembled. I obsessively worked on building this machine from ground up and enjoyed every second of it. It's an amazing experience to build one, and understand it's inner workings. From the zip ties to ball bearings, and wiring the motors to the ciricuit board, my printer feels as though it is a part of me. By the end of August I was printing out little plastic test cubes, and toward the end of the year I hope to have prototype pieces for my replica of Johnny-five.

Brass ring I designed and printed at Shapeways.

Brass charm I designed on my iPad with 123D Creature.

Isa's memorial pendant created with Autodesk's 123D Design.