If you were to ever meet me, you would probably get an ear full about my children, the Great Danes. I'm sure many of my friends and family can atest, they are my truest passion and one of my most unconditional loves in life is caring for my wonderful Great Danes.

This summer our family suffered a devestating loss when we finally said goodbye to our beloved 11 year old girl - Isa Sick - to a medical condition known as mega-E. However, this doesn't mean I can't have a place for her on my site!

I find that while walking my pups, strangers often approach us with many questions regarding the level of care that's required of having a Great Dane. As a result, I would like to dedicate this section as a redirect to my blog. Hopefully, that site will provide much needed answers.

My dog is bigger than your dog

Isa Sick

Raro "Ro" Sick